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Tartu in Light


Tartu Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival “TAVA” or “Tartu Valgus” is a comprehensive, international, cross-sector festival of lighting and light art. The festival takes place over a year and TAVA2020 is the third in a row.

The main events of TAVA2020 will take place from 28th to 31st October 2020, but the week before covered with workshops and the side programme will create a festival lasting for almost a month. Together with Tartu Valgus, the annual conference of the Outdoor Lighting Association LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) will take place for the first time in Estonia, bringing together nearly 300 specialists in the world of light art and architectural lighting.

The main program of TAVA2020 consists of international workshops, outdoor installations, conference, light fairs and indoor exhibitions. In addition to this, a side-program with engaging concerts, a light show, fireworks and other performances will be created in cooperation with Tartu cultural institutions and companies. The whole event is as site-specific as possible - most of the light art and architectural lighting installations are created, taking into account the peculiarities of Tartu and concerning topics that are of great importance to Estonia. Together, Tartu will be transformed into a Lighting World, which will attract cultural enthusiasts to Southern Estonia as an inviting glimmer of light in the darkest time of the year in the Nordic countries.


most of the installations are made specifically for Tartu.

interactive tools for reflecting on and analyzing social topics, the viewer has the opportunity to participate in the creation of a work of art.

Lighting education:
conference, workshops - exchange of experience, results will be displayed for immediate viewing. Both the customer and the consumer are taught to insist on good lighting solutions.

Meeting point:
professional light artists are brought together with students, producers with consumers, citizens with guests.

the artistic choices are made by a team of curators, which is selected of indisputable top artists in their field and open competitions are held to select performers.

TAVA's ambition is to be a major lighting event in the field of contemporary art and architectural landscape, with the aim of influencing the light awareness in the society and creating a favorable environment for the development of high-quality lighting design and light art in Estonia and worldwide.

The festival is organized in cooperation with Tartu City Government. In addition, the cooperation partners are the foundation of Tartu St. John's Church, Tartu Art College, Tartu Art School, Gallery “Noorus”, Uus Theater of Tartu, the foundation of Tartu County Tourism and others.

The festival is organized by NGO Valgusklubi

NGO Valgusklubi
Registration code 80329062
Siili 10-23, Tallinn 13413, Estonia
+372 5698 4477