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28th - 31st October 2020

The Lighting Design and Light Art Conference will be held right after the workshop week, when the lighting festival opens to the public. This professional peer-to-peer event aims to enhance knowledge exchange between professionals of different fields and industries. It aims at educating participants by combining renowned speakers with newcomers of different backgrounds whose work and / or academic research is connected to light, perception, public space in any of these fields.

With the conference we hope to connect artists, architects, designers, planners and students interested in the field of lighting design and light art. We aim to create a platform for knowledge exchange and to stimulate cross-sectoral and global thinking in the field of light and lighting design.

TAVA2020 conference is held with LUCI annual general meeting, which is the only international forum for cities on urban lighting and will feature panel discussions, workshops and open conferences on new lighting trends and projects from cities worldwide. Following AGM Rabat in 2018, and AGM Shanghai in 2019, the network will return to Europe for the LUCI AGM 2020 in Tartu, Estonia. It is a great honor and recognition for the realization of the visions of the City of Tartu and TAVA.

Parallel to the conference there will be an exhibition featuring institutions and manufacturers who are currently important for the lighting market – Lightfair. This will give the different parties opportunity to strengthen ties between each other.

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