Location and time

TAVA2018 main program “Vacuum as a Mindset”:
Gallery Noorus, Riia 11, Tartu / 25.10- 11.11.2018 
Tartu Art House, Vanemuise 26, Tartu / 24.10-18.11.2018

TAVA2018 side program “Secret Whistle in the Forest”
Gallery Kogo, Kastani 42, Tartu / 25.10-9.12.2018


Opening 24.10
Tartu Art House: kl 17-19
Gallery Noorus: kl 18-20
Gallery Kogo: kl 19-21

As a bonus, we are waiting everyone to a live concert “… something drone and strange !!!” by the main artist of the exhibition “Vacuum as a Mindset” Carl Michael von Hausswolff. The concert will be held at 21.00 in the Hall of Love of the Aparaaditehas.

NB! During October 24, there will be a special bus from Tallinn for the opening of exhibitions and concert, which will leave the city center at 14.15 and return to the capital at 22:30. Ticket price for return journey is 10 €. It is necessary to register the place by October 20 at

Opening hours

Normal opening hours:
Gallery Noorus: Tue-Sun 11-18
Tartu Kunstimaja: Wed-Mon 12-18
Kogo galerii:  Wed-Fry 12-19, Sat 12-18

Specially open during 25.-28.10:
Galerii Noorus: Thu-Sun 12-22
Tartu Kunstimaja: Thu-Sun 12-22
Kogo galerii: Thu-Sun 12-22


Carl Michael von Hausswolff (Sweden), Liisa HirschKristel SaanJohannes LuikAivar Tõnso (Estonia) and Artist Unknown (Unknown). Also, the legendary Dreamachine, a device causing hallucinations, invented by Brion Gysin in 1959 and made popular by William Burroughs and Psychic TV, will be presented for the first time in Estonia.


The subject of the exhibition is interaction between light as a metaphor and light as an illuminating impulse. Both „create worlds“ from the point of view of psycho geography and new mythology, accompanied by observations about twilight zones between consciousness that registers impulses and events in the surrounding environment.


Artists and installations

Nooruse Gallery

Carl Michael von Hausswolff will be using his own works as well as works from his collection and different organic objects that can be considered art or not to create an installation that imitates a group exhibition. All works of art exhibited in the gallery are based on different forms of light. Conceptual light, anti-light, normal light, sound in the form of light, and systems such as the alchemical, the human/social, the chemical perceptive, the past/present/future, the philosophical one and the light/dark one. Hausswolff has practiced this method of blurring borders between broadened artistic entity and author’s identity also before, for example in exhibitions entitled „Adaptations“ and „I Am the Others“.

Monumental Gallery of Tartu Art House

Liisa Hirsch will create a new work of art: a 3-week-long process about the changing of light and sound where sounds are directly related to the changing of light and rays caught from the atmosphere. With the help of different algorithms sound is interpreted from indoor and outdoor light and the intensity of rays caught from the atmosphere.

Big Gallery of Tartu Art House
Three rooms of the Big Gallery of Tartu Art House will accommodate works of art of five different artists, creating the feeling of a total environment.

Kristel Saan will be observing the impact of light on our behaviour, thinking, physical and spiritual bodies. We are surrounded by light even in darkness because „someone’s got a message…“. Kristel Saan’s work of art for Tartu in Light is playful, based on a narrative, using also light boxes with human hair growing out of them – people you may know and other references to the living. The installation is made up of different parts that guide visitors independently through space. The work is made of textile, plastic and other natural and artificial materials. The work contains neon and leds, industrial light sources and beauty bubbles…it is bound to be exciting…

Brion Gysin and Ian SommervilleDreamachine. Dreamachine is the so-called world’s first work of art to be observed with eyes shut, a stroboskopic device whose light signals influence brain waves and visions. The chrestomathic psychedelic object was invented in 1959 by Brion Gysin and Ian Sommerville, members of the beat generation. It has not been exhibited in Estonia before and the idea can be freely used, so to say.

Johannes Luik’s space installation based on process studies a phenomenon called fade to black and different non-visual lights (like infrared) or absence of light in cityscape. By mapping a city taking into account the amount of existing or lacking light and by studying the places that lack light in the city, he stores and uses light and its absence or not seeing it in the city. The final result of the work will become clear in the course of the process.

Aivar Tõnso’s multi-channelled soundscape installation will unite all installations accommodated in the Big Gallery of Tartu Art House into a whole and complements it with a sonorous dimension, so that the whole exposition will act as psychedelic art of environment.

Unknown artist’s illegal copy of Stefan Brueggemann’s light pipe text “nothing.”

Small Gallery of Tartu Art House

exhibition / installation Light in Cottage Window deals with the so-called „spiritual light“ that is a base narrative of Estonian identity. It has been compiled on the basis of a collection of conceptual books, texts, publications and artefacts. The author of the installation that is a representation of an exposition of a fantastic future museum is Jevgeni Zolotko who will build it using the materials that are present in the collection of the curator of the exhibition.

Public program

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