TAVA or Tartu in Light is a consistent, international, cross-disciplinary festival of light art and lighting art. The pre- and main events of the festival will last for 30 days.

The main program of the festival consists of international workshops, outdoor installations,  a conference, a light fair and indoor exhibitions. In addition, smaller-scale satellite programs will be organized in collaboration with culture organizations and companies of Tartu. The whole event is site-specific – light art as well as installations of architectural lighting will be created taking into consideration the quiddity of Tartu, and they will be built on-site.

TAVA18 includes citizens as well as local companies and culture organizations. Together Tartu will be transformed into Light World that invites people interested in culture to South Estonia as a rushlight in the Nordic season of darkness.

The Axis of Light showcasing TAVA2018 outdoor installations starts off from the building of the Ministry of Education and Research, designed by Tartu City architect Arnold Matteus and Karl Burman sen., and the park in front of it, continues along Munga and Rüütli Streets to St. John’s Church dating from the 13th century and decorated with more than 200 sculptures, on to Lutsu Street and Tartu Toy Museum housed in some of the oldest preserved wooden buildings in Tartu. From there the Axis of Light continues along the slopes of Toomemägi (the Dome Hill) and Kassitoome until Kassitoome Valley.


all installations have been made especially for Tartu

interactive tools to reflect upon and analyze social issues, the audience can contribute to the making of artpieces.

Light education:
lab, presentations, conference, workshops – exchange of experience, results exhibited instantly to the public. Both purchasers and consumers are taught to ask for effective lighting solutions.

Meeting point:
professional light artists are put in touch with students, producers with purchasers, citizens with tourists.

The festival is organized in collaboration with Tartu City Government. Other partners: Tartu Toy Museum, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, St. Johns Church, Tartu Art College, Tartu Art School, Nooruse Gallery, Tartu Art House, NGO Elektriteater, Tartu Uus Teater, Genialistide Klubi, SA Tartumaa Tourism, etc.

The festival is organized by NGO Valgusklubi.